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October 03, 2019

Trust.Love.Bloom was created to help women reawaken their mind, physical body and emotional body in a safe, healthy way after detox.  The sessions will help guide you to trust, love and believe in yourself. I will provide you with life long tools to help you stay strong throughout your journey. I began using these tools during my journey of healing and knew I had to share them with others. During the sessions we will explore mindfulness mediation, the chakra system, setting goals, self-care, nutrition, boundaries, emotional triggers, and so much more.  Sessions will be 40 minutes via "ZOOM". ZOOM is a conferencing app that is free to download on your phone.  


November 01, 2018

Do you need to be heard? Are you feeling alone? Are you exhausted? Is your heart broken? Are you afraid of being judged by your family or friends?  Do you think you can just keep plugging along and these emotions will go away? Do you like to help other women?  My questions could go on and on...and it doesn't matter which question related to you or if you have something else entirely you'd like to share. Women help women at Blooming with Balance, and there's no judgement, only love and support!  We all have stories to share and a long journey ahead.  Come share your story and heal with us! 

STOP WASTING TIME...Call your girlfriends! During this ladies night, we will reflect on today, release yesterday, and create tomorrow! The evening will include 2 hours of fun, healing, and laughing all while creating YOUR dream board! THE TIME IS NOW!!

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