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Offerings from Blooming with Balance

Create A New Practice

For centuries, societies all over the world have used energy work and the power of the moon to guide and help heal. Today, many modern medical facilities have also embraced the benefits of energy work and have added it to their services. My spiritual journey led me on a path of holistic healing. Over the past six years, I have been able to help women find their strength and unlock their power through holistic modalities. 

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.”



our light and the world around us

About Energy Work

Our energy is an amazing electromagnetic field that radiates light, called our aura. Like heavenly music, it vibrates and has its own unique resonant frequencies. All people, animals, and plants have their own frequency.  Our energy fields have seven main energy centers, known as our chakras. These points consist of spinning energy that connects to some of our major organs and glands. They also house emotional and spiritual energies.


How we navigate the world is largely dependent on how well our energy centers are working. Life’s experiences can cause our chakras to malfunction and even stop spinning.  Energy work is a way to heal and balance our chakras. 





“Each and every being has an innate ability to heal as a gift from the Gods.” - Mikao Usui, creator of Reiki.


Reiki has been practiced since the early 1900s. Practitioners are trained to deliver energy to your body with a simple touch of their hands.  In 2018, I became a certified Reiki Master. I was honored to share my Reiki practice in a study at a local children’s hospital. Through a Reiki session, I will get your energy flowing again and leave you feeling refreshed and calm.  


Reiki can:

•  Reduce stress

•  Promote relaxation

•  Reduce anxiety

•  Improve your mood

•  Reduce depression

•  Lessen pain

30 minute Session: $25
60 minute Session: $50



Yoga has many incredible benefits. It can improve your flexibility, build strength, reduce stress, and enhance confidence and relaxation. My classes are held in small numbers to allow a personable, sisterhood feel. My focus is to safely teach each client at their own level. When the weather permits, I also offer outdoor yoga allowing clients to bask in the beauty of nature. 

Click the button to schedule a class, or contact me for a private session, and create your own personal practice. You MUST register for each class.

Classes $10.00 (60 minutes)
Private $25.00 (60 minutes)



The Mindfulness Balance Program is a perfect companion to your Natural Weight Loss journey. I firmly believe that mindfulness plays a vital role in achieving your weight loss goals and sustaining a healthier lifestyle. Here's why: Mindfulness serves as a powerful tool for reducing stress, a common factor often linked to overeating and the release of excess cortisol, a stress hormone that can impede your weight loss progress. Through our one-on-one coaching sessions on Zoom, we'll work together to incorporate mindfulness techniques into your daily routine,
empowering you to effectively manage stress, boost emotional well-being, and establish a more balanced relationship with food. My commitment extends beyond weight loss; it's about nurturing a positive mindset for enduring success. Whether you're a newcomer or seeking to deepen your meditation practice, this 2-hour Zoom session is designed to guide anyone feeling overwhelmed, scattered,
anxious, or mentally exhausted toward inner calm and balance. During our time together, you'll embark on a guided exploration of meditation techniques, gain
insights into its history and significance, grasp the role of mindfulness, and unlock the scientific benefits. All this while receiving personalized guidance to elevate
your meditation practice.

Join me for this comprehensive Zoom session, where you'll embark on a transformative journey toward inner calm and well-being.

The Mindfulness Balance Program 2 hrs. - $159.00



Clear your energy field so your intentions land deeply in the fertile void of magic during a new moon! I will guide you through releasing the past and manifesting your tomorrow.


Join me for a fun afternoon of sharing, empowering, soul searching, meditating, journaling, and creating your intentions.


All supplies will be provided and everyone will receive a healing crystal to begin their creative journey. I look forward to supporting you in manifesting your future desires!

Vision  Board Workshop
2 hrs. - $19.51 


Everyone’s experience with energy work and moon ceremonies is different.  Holistic healing is meant as supplemental care and not as an alternative to medical care. I am not a physician, psychiatrist, psychologist, licensed social worker, or licensed marriage and family therapist. I do not offer therapy, psychotherapy, or medical advice.


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